Is Media Mental

Every year Mental Health groups and charities work tirelessly and spend millions & millions  promoting the message that “Its ok not to be ok” and try and reach out to people that are in a constant  battle against the demise of their mental health. I for one constantly come accross messages from charities, guiding people on how to identify people that appear to be progressing inwardly and or are depressed. Its appears this message to talk to someone or to be strong is undermind by the ugly face of our media. We find ourselves in an age where people suffering from Mental Health Issues is tabloid gossip.

Yesterday whilst scrolling through the twittersphere I came across a tweet from one of the largest amercian entertainment channels the tweet pertained to “the ramblings of Amanda Bynes “.

 Some of you may be aware that Amanda Bynes is suffering from schizophrenia and has been for sometime. Although I know nothing of her movies or television shows I know that she was a staple on celebrity websites. Imagine being more famous for your state of mind than your body of work? She spent years in the spotlight as a Disney star. Brittney Spears is another star that suffered a public meltdown and the world followed her through her irrational behaviour. The unforgetable head shaving incident and everything else that highlighted the fact that yes she was unwell.  As Amanda Bynes continues to show signs that she is ill and needs support we as humans consistantly follow her meltdowns.

Are we to blame? effiecitively it is us as people, that are creating the demand for this information, to know an ill persons every move, to know what she has said and the more random it becomes the more tabloid headings appear. Are we as guilty as the Papparazi? On a daily basis Ms Bynes is probably followed by anything up to fifty photgraphers. That in itself is pressurised enough for anyone to deal with. It is us as people putting the petrol in the cars of the paps, its is us making sure they get up for work each morning. The sad truth is meltdowns = moneys for these people. 

The question I am asking is are we right to do this as people? We are not responsible for her well being and we are not responsible for her condition. However in a world where we say its alright not feel like yourself its alright to feel depressed we then zone in on celebrities and deem it acceptable to feed of their demise.

This has got to change before people start to believe that  if they don’t feel right or have a down day,that they too will be ridiculed , that people will view them the same way that our tabloids  constantly do. The door is always open The daily sometimes gut wrenching battle that is mental health cannot be won whist the rags are writing more..  

Mental health victims deserve to be supported understood and not shared online…….


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